Posted on October 18, 2012, by Admin in Directories

I am sure that all of you reading this that have any interest in web directories have all been told and believe that the Open Directory also known as DMOZ (Directory Mozilla) is the biggest and most authoritative directory on the Internet, sorry to burst the mighty DMOZ bubble but it ain’t!

I am sure that you have also been told that the Yahoo directory is the oldest on the Internet launched on March 2, 1995 with The Open Directory a few years behind being launched on June 5, 1998. Sorry again to burst bubbles but they ain’t!

OK now many of you think that you are ahead of me and that I’m going to say that the Best of the Web directory as they proudly boast is the oldest search directory on the net. Well, once again I’m going to burst bubbles because they ain’t!

There is a far more authoritative and certainly greater respected directory that also has a high page rank than the likes of DMOZ, Yahoo and BOTW not only that; this directory has a history that blows all other web directories clear out of the water.

The WWW Virtual Library is not only older but is the creation of Sir Tim Berners-Lee, for those of you that don’t know; Sir Tim Berners-Lee born 1955 is a British computer scientist that graduated from the Queens College Oxford. He wrote the first Web server and the first client, a hypertext browser-editor, and defined the URL, HTTP and HTML specifications on which the Web depends. In short he is the creator of the web as we know it! Without him we would not be reading this or even viewing this website.

The WWW Virtual Library may not call itself a directory but it most certainly is, this one was created way back in 1991 and run entirely by a confederation of volunteers that are experts within their field. Each section of the library has its own submission criteria but be aware that this is a very strict criteria and makes the submission requirements of the likes of DMOZ look about as hard as gaining a Hotmail e-mail address!