social media audit report
Posted on October 2, 2012, by Jennifer Mattern in Social Media

Did you have a solid social media plan in place or was social media something you just jumped into because everyone was saying you should? Regardless of how you got your start in using social media to promote your company or website, it’s important to know how your efforts measure up. Are you in the right places? Are you active enough? Are there things you haven’t done yet that you should?

If you want to know the answer to these questions to help you figure out the best social media path moving forward, a professional social media audit might be in order.

Do You Need a Professional Social Media Audit?

While it’s certainly possible to conduct your own internal social media audit to gauge your success and discover where there is room for improvement, bringing in an outside professional can help. Why? Sometimes we’re too close to our own work.

It’s easier for an objective third party with longer experience and more diverse expertise in social media to give an honest assessment. Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been involved in social media for years but aren’t seeing the results you’ve hoped for, a professional social media audit can get you on the right track.

What a Social Media Audit Includes

A professional social media audit will vary depending on who you partner with. But here are some things a social media audit might include:

  1. An evaluation of social media services you are using compared to the competition
  2. Details on the distribution of your overall social media mix
  3. An evaluation of how well your own website ties in with your social media strategy
  4. An evaluation of user-generated responses to your company in social media outlets
  5. An evaluation of interactivity on your blog and your blog’s visibility
  6. Suggestions for new social media tools your company should use
  7. Advice on improving your social media metric measurement
  8. Suggestions on how to effectively employ offline social media marketing efforts
  9. An evaluation of your company’s real reach via social media outlets
  10. A look at what you currently do best and get the best results from in social media