Posted on November 27, 2012, by Terra L. Fletcher in Directories

Why Submit to Directories?

You want links, right? Of course; links are half the formula for SEO. Links are votes for your site. But what can be done to get the most out of a directory listing.

Submissions are pretty straight forward. They ask the questions, you fill in the blanks, right? Well, yes… and no. Follow the following tips to get the most from your next submissions.

Choose the Right Directories

It used to be that directories were the only way to find sites on the web. Since search engines have improved, directories aren’t what they used to be. There are many directories out there that are spam. Even legitimate directories that aren’t well maintained quickly lose their value. (On this note, it may not be wise to pay one of those directory submission companies to add your site to everyone on their list. Quality is more important than quantity. Webcrawlers will penalize for low-quality links and even links that are built too quickly.)

Don’t shy away from paid directories. Remember, you often get what you pay for. Anyone can list any site on a free general directory. A real directory edited by real people will provide a higher quality link

A relevant link is going to hold the most SEO value for your site. When searching for niche directories, stay within your industry. And please stay away from adult and gaming sites and directories. Those links will not help you. Similarly, when listing in general directories, choose the right category.

Titles and Categories

A title might seem inconsequential. Don’t overlook this important field. Quality web directories such as DirJournal, dmoz, and botw will only accept official company names as titles. This is to avoid spam. Categories are keywords are crucial. Consider how your audience will search for you. Choose the right category and use as many categories as the directory will allow you to list in (as long as you do offer the related product/service).


Each blank on the submission should be viewed as a sales opportunity. Consider your audience and what benefit you can provide to them as well as keywords. Keywords. Keywords. (Just in case you don’t get it yet… they’re important.) The description should be accurate and unique. It should be similar to your website content but not an exact replica. Mix it up! But please don’t write a spammy description. Don’t just list keywords in the description.


So it’s great if these links work and you get more visitors to your site, but you need more than that. You need to get them to convert. Why not start the process by including a call to action right on the directory? That way when a prospect sees you and your competitors on the directory you’ll stand out. Include your Unique Selling Position (USP), what makes you different.