Posted on March 27, 2013, by Admin in Directories

There have been all sorts of comments thrown around the Internet recently about the viability of having a site listed in web directories, in my opinion mostly ill founded and based on the benefits of being listed in a one of the many poorly designed Internet web directories that consist of mainly duplicate content, a whole string of web links that mostly consist of SEO required titles that were accepted by the directory just to receive a few bucks and poor quality descriptions that appear to be written by illiterate chimpanzees!

Spotting a good Internet directory is not rocket science, firstly look at the design, is it one of those quickly thrown together directory templates with very little attention to detail or personalization? Do they reject websites that are submitted and do they pay attention to detail using the correct title.

If you want to dig a bit deeper try copying a few descriptions and popping them into Google to find out if they have been stolen from the likes of Dmoz instead of spending time writing concise, informative and unique descriptions.

Thankfully many of the Internet web directories that have used this type of system have been identified by the likes of Google and crushed as far as being listed anywhere in search results that offer a chance of being found.

Once you’ve done your homework and are happy with the site and can see that they pay attention to detail, reject those annoying spam sites and have a regular flow of submissions most certainly on a weekly basis then you have most probably found a very viable Internet web directory to include your site and receive greater publicity and if the directory is a popular one increased hits.

Using Internet web directories to promote your website is still a very valuable promotional tool, even in the eyes of Google, you just need to make sure that you are getting listed in valuable and quality Internet web directories, these are getting easier to spot as the poor quality, list all, spammy Internet web directories have mostly disappeared or are continuing to drop like flies.

Just undertake a few quick tests of the Internet web directory that you’re thinking about submitting to and if they meet the criteria above they should be beneficial to you, your website and your business.

Happy submitting.