Posted on December 6, 2014, by Jennifer Mattern in Directories

web-directories-medIn a recent blog post, we explained that web directory submissions can still be part of a successful SEO strategy. We also offered tips on identifying high quality directories. Let’s take that a step further.

Let’s review six paid web directories. This is definitely not an exhaustive list of directories worth considering but the six included in the review are representative of what to expect when taking a closer look at the directory options. We’ll explore things such as whether each directory is general or specialized, how strong their overall web presence is, and their value to both visitors and website owners. These are the same factors you might consider when narrowing down your own directory submission options.

The directories featured below are included in alphabetical order.

  • Abilogic is a general directory, launched in 2004.
  • While this directory offers a large collection of articles to attract general visitors, the quality of many of the articles reviewed was of questionable value.
  • Specialty directories are also included to appeal to more targeted audiences. These include local marketplace listings, a UK-specific directory, and a beauty and spa directory.*

  • Alive Directory is a general web directory that launched in 2005.
  • This directory’s main appeal to visitors is its well-curated collection of resources with an attractive, easy-to-navigate design.
  • The directory allows inclusion of the social networking links (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) with the site listing making it easier for visitors to reach site’s social media with one click of a mouse
  • The professionally-edited nature of Alive Directory also benefits site owners, as they know their own listings, if approved, will be in good company.

* Alive Directory and Web Directory List share the same owner.

  • Aviva Directory is a general web directory that has been around since 2005.
  • While Aviva Directory does offer some content tailored to general visitors — such as trivia articles and several business resources — its primary focus is on the main directory.
  • Aviva Directory has a longstanding reputation among site owners for being an authority web directory thanks to its editorial team.
  • As an added bonus to bloggers, Aviva Directory also offers a separate blog directory.

  • Best of the Web is one of the oldest web directories at 20 years old.
  • includes multiple directories to help visitors find the spam-free results they’re looking for. These include a general web directory, local directory, blog directory, and a UK and Ireland directory.
  • Best of the Web is equally valuable to website owners. They feature over 400,000 categories to help you get your website or content into the most targeted hands possible. And their local directory alone reaches 25 million people each year. [source]

  • is a niche directory, specializing in small business and corporate resources. It launched in 1999 and has a strong social media presence with frequent updates to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google +, and Pinterest.
  • has an extensive collection of free content tailored to their audience of business owners and professionals. The business directory itself serves visitors who are interested in buying business products and services.
  • For those companies looking to advertise products and services, the site boasts that “over 30 million buyers from small-to-medium enterprises rely on” They also note that “ drives over half a million purchases a year, generating over $1.5 billion in sales for [their] 10,000+ advertisers.” [source]

  • Directory Journal is a general web directory that launched in 2007. The site has a solid social media presence, with more than 5000 Twitter followers and over 11,000 Facebook Likes.
  • This directory offers more resources for general visitors than most. There is a significant collection of articles across several niche-specific blogs.
  • Directory Journal also offers resources for website owners including a collection of webmaster tools. That’s in addition to the hundreds of thousands of unique visitors the site attracts each month which could lead to targeted traffic for your links.

  • Jasmine Directory is a business directory, launched in 2009.
  • The site features a blog covering a variety of topics to attract general visitors. They also offer an on-page SEO tool that might appeal to general visitors and webmasters alike.
  • Jasmine Directory goes out of its way to let website owners customize their listings — from including contact information and social media fan pages to choosing to “nofollow” their links if they want to reach visitors while eliminating the risk of future search engine penalties.

When comparing web directories, what matters most to you? What makes you choose one quality directory over others? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. Then explore the web directories listed here at to find options that are a good fit for your website.